About Coaching

Coaching is a partnership between coach and client so the client can create their desired future.

Focuses on the present situation - what’s coming up for you - and explores what steps or pathways you can take to achieve your goal

Has a bias towards action and outcomes

Is future-focused unlike therapy, which looks to the past to understand or to fix

Addresses the client, not the ‘issue’

Is a growth mindset that is about possibilities

The Coach helps the client define and get to their desired future faster and more effectively.

Uses inquiry and curiosity to understand the client

Helps the client get to the true heart of the issue to enable breakthroughs and new pathways

Guides the client to create the solution themselves

Allows the client to become their best self at work, as a leader, and in their career

Coaching increases the effectiveness and ROI of many disciplines.

Mediation - examines underlying beliefs and behaviors that create unhelpful conflict patterns; develop new habits

Succession Planning - develops critical skills for future C-suite leaders

Change Management - supports individuals and teams through the challenge of the change process

Recruitment and Search - improves the success rate of placements with First 90 Days coaching and beyond

Professional Development - collaborates with learning & development to uplevel talent

Career Transition - identifies the possibilities and builds the client’s skills to get there

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