do any of these apply to you or your organization?

  • Manage time better as a founder?

  • Communicate with clarity and impact?

  • Enhance executive presence as a leader?

  • Become a manager who gets noticed - and promoted?

  • Prepare to thrive in a leadership role with high visibility?

  • Have the difficult conversations that move the team forward?

  • Successfully navigate the challenge of change in a merger or reorganization?

  • Define a better future, create options to get there, and have a skilled professional as an accountability partner?

I help my clients tackle these challenges and more. By offering practical, thoughtful, and empathetic coaching, you are supported to navigate the realities of today’s workplace demands and culture. I help you take charge. Together, we get you from here to where you desire to be.  


Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a safe and confidential thought partnership where executives can explore ideas, develop new skills, and navigate challenges with support and accountability from their coach .

Executive coaching is ideal for seasoned professionals, high potentials, and their teams. Clients have VIP access to me throughout the engagement.

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teams and individuals

Smooth leadership transitions, roll out initiatives, reduce workplace stress, and cultivate employees’ emotional intelligence. I offer daylong trainings and ongoing executive coaching to build skills, create perspective, and transform managers into leaders. I also provide coaching services for leadership development training programs and other internal initiatives.

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workshops and seminars

Join one of my group sessions to explore a topic of interest with built-in camaraderie. I offer full and half-day sessions on communicating charisma, women in leadership roles, executive presence, and more.

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