"A major source of unhappiness in the world is people settling for what is passable instead of reaching for what is possible."

– Ian Percy


What got you here won’t get you there - Marshall Goldsmith

There is the next—and better—stage in your career. It’s where you go from good to great. It’s where you unlock your potential.

To get there, you need new awareness and new skills. And you need to tap into your own strengths to inspire others’ best performance as a leader. 

How do you develop this kind of clarity and perspective? That’s where I come in. Simply put, as your executive coach, I help you flourish in your career as you navigate the challenges and speed bumps that come with the territory.


My name is Lindsey Honari, MBA, ACC.  As an ICF-certified coach, I offer you practical, thoughtful, and empathetic executive coaching rooted in the realities of today’s work place. My background includes 20 years of investment management, recruiting, and coaching experience, alongside an MBA from Columbia Business School, Wall Street and finance stints, and my own entrepreneurial acumen.

I put all that to work for you. Together, we create your unique path from here to there.  

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